Love for details

Micron Studio is a dynamic and enterprising production studio specialized in the creation and realization of audiovisual contents for cinema, television and multimedia industry.

Our Process

  1. Development

    The basic idea comes to life on the page of a script, and then is corrected and improved to its best. This is the foundation of the whole project, and thus has to be solid.

  2. Planning

    The script leads to a detailed shooting plan: locations are secured, the whole cast and crew is hired, and equipment is rented. Nothing is left to accident.

  3. Filming

    This is when the true magic happens. All the professionals work in sinc, 10 hours a day, to turn a black frame into a story. Your story.

  4. Post-Production

    Images and sound are combined, edited and got ready to share it with the world. The result depends on the success of every single element of the process, that’s why we care about details.

The Founding Team

We are young and prepared people cooperating with the best professionals and experimenting the language of a constantly evolving industry. The best of our abilities is to develop competitive, original and successful projects.